Class Descriptions and schedule


Wednesday // 3PM-4pm


THURSDAY // 5pm-6pm

LEvel blue

tuesday // 4pm-5pm

thursday // 4pm-5pm

level red

tuesday // 4pm-5:30pm

thursday // 4pm-5pm

aerial fabric

(taught at the Millbrook School studio)

monday // 5pm-6pm

Strength & Flexibility

THursday // 5pm-6pm


tuesday // 5:30Pm-6:30pm

private lessons // as desired


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Students wear to Class?

There is no formal dress code for classes at the D'amby Project. Students are encouraged to dress comfortably, but we ask that students avoid wearing sweatpants and jeans!

When do students need shoes?

All new students will begin with bare feet, regardless of age or level. The addition of soft shoes and hard shoes are at the discretion of the instructor and based on the student being physically prepared from a safety-first standpoint.

How often do students perform?

Performances occur at different frequencies depending on the student's level. All students, no matter what level, have the opportunity to perform twice per year in our two annual performances. The more advanced levels will perform more frequently than beginner levels. The most advanced students perform on average ten times per year.

what payment types do you accept?

Checks made out to "The D'amby Project" or cash are acceptable forms of payment in person..

Do Classes run all year long?

Yes they do! We also offer Summer Dance Intensives.