Class Descriptions and schedule

Level Magenta (Friday - 1pm to 2pm, ages 3-5) -- This class is for tiny new movers who want to explore music and their own vibrant imaginations! During this class the students will learn the basics of moving their bodies, and engage in many imagination-based exercises to help them create movement!

Level Yellow (Monday, Thursday - 4pm to 5pm) -- This class is an introduction to moving and body awareness for young dancers! They learn the basics of Irish soft shoe, and hone early skills of rhythm, muscle control, and Irish building blocks. These students perform twice a year in our annual Summer and Winter performances!

Level Green (Tuesday,Wednesday - 5pm to 6pm) -- Take those building blocks and build something! In this class we hone in on detailed technique, more intricate choreography, and learn Irish soft shoe steps. Students are encouraged to explore some more advanced moves, and combinations. Performances will occur twice annually!

Level Blue (Monday, Wednesday - 5pm to 6pm) -- These students continue to hone their Irish soft shoe skills as well as beginning their introduction to their hard shoes! Students will learn more advanced soft shoe steps and choreography, while learning the basics of rhythm and timing in their hard shoes. Performances will occur twice annually!

Level Red (Tuesday, Thursday - 5pm to 6:30pm) -- These students have now had some significant exposure to hard shoe and soft shoe and are working on more complicated rhythms, combinations, and steps in both shoes. Students will perform in our two annual shows and will have the opportunity to perform in selected festivals and extra events!

Level White (Monday through Thursday - 6pm to 8pm) -- These students have had extensive experience with Irish technique, both hard shoe and soft shoe, and will start to explore more free flowing contemporary movement to complement their Irish training. Performances will occur twice annually and students will get the opportunity to perform in selected festivals and extra events!

Level Black (Monday through Thursday - 7:30pm to 9:30pm) -- Students in this advanced class are challenged technically and choreographically with intricate movement, often instructed by guests or choreographers of repute. Given an opportunity to further their education in dance via multiple styles, and multiple genres in art including lighting, audio, staging, choreography, etc.,these students work one on one with teachers to develop themselves as performers. Often, these students will move further into the company.

Advanced Ballet Cross-Train (Sunday - 1:30pm to 2:30pm) -- The D'amby project helps prepare students for futures as professional dancers, artists and/or for college auditions and collegiate dance programs! thus, we supplement our irish and contemporary training with a ballet cross-train class. This class observes the strengths of a body trained in irish and contemporary dance, and presents a curriculum to build a more proficient and well-rounded dancer.

Additionally, unlimited private classes are often encouraged, built into tuition, and utilized by dancers to augment their training.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Students wear to Class?

There is no formal dress code for classes at the D'amby Project. Students are encouraged to dress comfortably, but we ask that students avoid wearing sweatpants and jeans!


When do students need shoes?

All new students will begin with bare feet, regardless of age or level. The addition of soft shoes and hard shoes are at the discretion of the instructor and based on the student being physically prepared from a safety-first standpoint.


How often do students perform?

Performances occur at different frequencies depending on the student's level. All students, no matter what level, have the opportunity to perform twice per year in our two annual performances: "Hearts on Fire" in January, and the "Sunset Showcase" in August. The more advanced levels will perform more frequently than beginner levels. The most advanced students perform on average ten times per year.


When Can students register?

Student seasons run on a quarterly basis : Winter - December through February, Spring - March through May, Summer - June through August, and Fall - September through November. However, families may choose to register on a monthly basis instead. Students are welcome to register anytime throughout the month, and will have tuition credited if they start part-way through.


what payment types do you accept?

Checks made out to "The D'amby Project" or cash are acceptable forms of payment.


Do Classes run all year long?

Yes they do! We also offer Summer Dance Intensives.