"I think that D’amby is doing far more than teaching kids dance. What seems clear to me is that THEY have an overarching goal of empowering women through creating community. As a father of two young women in the year 2016, I cannot express how important this is to me and how disappointingly hard it is to find. They are permitting the women that they teach to not only be themselves but to celebrate that."                                                                      

- Matt Dilley - Dance Parent


"I have never been more proud to have my daughter be a part of something. It's all about the pure love of dance at D'Amby."

-Elle Renaldo - Dance Parent


"The D’amby project deeply feeds the human being so the artist inside can thrive. As a dancer, one’s life is at the whim of his or her body. It is full of highs and lows, of breaks and of busy seasons, of injuries and plateaus, and of dark places and equally light places. I have felt loved by The D’amby Project through each stage. I am whole-heartedly embraced by them for my humanity and thus for my artistry." 

- Claire Zehyer - Professional Dancer/Teacher


"Their versatility and skills are honestly some of the best I've ever come across - honestly fantastic."

- Bridget Madden - Professional Irish Dancer


"Watching them perform will make you glad that you're alive."

- Elaine Colandrea - Contimuum Movement Specialist


"Seriously such a positive and professional environment - a huge breath of fresh air!"

- April Dayok - Professional Dancer